What Landscapers Do in the Winter

Landscaping service providers must find alternative work to perform during winter when the grass goes dormant. Finding other services to provide keeps money flowing in to pay your overhead and make money, and it keeps your crew working for you rather than seeking other employment. You can provide many services that depend on the region of the country you live in.

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Snow plowing is an excellent option in northern areas.

Another business that can be a great alternative is brush removal since the process allows you to use most of the equipment you need for your landscaping service work. Changing blades on your grass trimmers enable you to cut many types of brush; while your excavators can uproot smaller trees and bushes, your tractors can have brush hogs on the back and varying attachments on the front to gather and move the fallen tree. In addition, you can charge customers for removing the trees and brush from the property.

Keeping your crews working and trucks on the road is good advertising, leading to word-of-mouth sales. As spring approaches, you can spend time door-knocking and leaving door hangers, returning a few weeks later to repeat the process and provide a price to do the work. These are all ways to increase revenues and keep your crew working during the winter.


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