Pet Care in the New Normal: Caring for the Furry Family Members


Did you know that there has been an increase in pet ownership during this pandemic? Many individuals and families have either bought or adopted pets. It makes sense as having dogs or cats around your home comes with a handful of benefits amid the COVID-19 crisis.

In fact, National Geographic claimed that pets have helped their owners cope with the pandemic. For one, they can provide companionship, reduce your loneliness, and decrease your stress levels. Also, taking care of them by feeding, bathing, and grooming can make you physically active and mentally preoccupied. Ultimately, having them around or playing with them can make you feel good and happy.

Keep in mind, however, that pets aren’t just animals. Most households consider them as furry members of the family. As with any other family member, you want to take good care of them during this pandemic. Your ultimate goal is to foster their overall health and well-being. Hence, pet care is all the more crucial in the new normal.

That said, here’s how to take good care of your pets during this pandemic:

1. Follow health and safety protocols

Did you know that humans can transmit the novel coronavirus to animals? But on the other side of the spectrum, pets are less likely to infect humans. As such, health and safety protocols apply to our furry family members. These include maintaining social distancing outdoors, washing pets regularly, cleaning and disinfecting, and monitoring their health. If you aren’t feeling well, be sure to limit your pet interaction. However, if you are COVID-19 infected, isolate yourself not only from family members but from your pets as well.

2. Foster proper hygiene

Amidst the COVID0-19 crisis, you’ve become more obsessive-compulsive with your hygiene. Chances are, you sanitize and wash your hands frequently, and take a bath regularly. After going outdoors, you wash, disinfect the items, and put your sanitized clothes in the laundry. Keep in mind that fostering proper hygiene applies to your pets as well. First, wash and bathe them regularly. Also, clean and disinfect their shelter, leashes, and other things. The ultimate goal is to keep them free from the novel coronavirus.

3. Ensure a balanced diet

In times of a global health crisis, proper nutrition is the key. This idea applies to your furry members of the family as well. As such, be sure to feed your dogs or cats properly. Starving them will make them more vulnerable during this pandemic. On the other hand, overfeeding your pets will lead to all sorts of health issues. Hence, the best course of action is to provide your pets with a balanced diet. A healthy diet will promote their overall health and well-being.

4. Stock up food supplies, vitamins, and supplements

The lockdowns, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders had put the world to a standstill at the onset of the pandemic. In the ensuing months, they have disrupted the global chain supply and even local supply. They have even compromised pet needs such as food supplies, vitamins, and supplements. It’s good that the pandemic restrictions have now become lighter. But on the safe side, it’s still best to stock on your pet supplies. That way, you won’t risk the health of your furry family members.

5. Have in-home pet grooming services

Just like your whole family, your furry members need to get taken care of as well. Chances are, their hair and paws have alarmingly grown. Pet grooming is more than just bathing and grooming them. There are instances when you need to hire pet grooming services. However, you don’t want to compromise their health by going outdoors. Therefore, the best course of action is to have pet professionals visit your house to groom your pets. Fret not, as in-home pet grooming services have become increasingly popular during the pandemic.

6. Consider pet training


While the novel coronavirus is here to stay, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your pets at home. It’s one effective way to keep you busy, preoccupied, and distracted during this pandemic. You can regularly bathe, feed, and groom them. You can even walk them outdoors, play with them, or even send them to puppy training classes or camps. Ultimately, you’ll be surprised at how your furry family members become more lovable and domesticated.

7. Be wary of your vet visit

The last on the list is to bring your furry family members to a pet clinic if they are sick. They need to get taken care of by a professional vet. However, make sure to follow health and safety measures when going outdoors. Now, if your pets show COVID-19 symptoms, contact the pet doctor first and see what appropriate actions to take. Ultimately, these pet professionals will find ways to treat your pets amid the crisis.

At this point, you now know what it takes to care for your pets in the new normal. Consider the pet care tips recommended above, from following health and safety protocols to having in-home pet grooming services to being careful in visiting a vet. These measures will protect your dogs or cats from the threat of the novel coronavirus. Pet care will ultimately promote the health and well-being of your furry family members. In the end, take care of your pets as they care for you, too.

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