Make It a Little Less Green: Is It Time to Remove That Tree in Your Yard?

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You might say that Cottonwood Heights is the perfect place for nature lovers. Rivers, hiking trails, and national parks are easily accessible in this laid-back, suburban neighborhood. But the real crowning glory lies in every resident’s backyard. The natural environment makes it easy to grow red maple, oak trees, tulip trees, and hybrid poplars. Maintenance is an entirely different topic, though.

Even if you have a green thumb and you live in a tree-hugging community, you will have to let go of some trees eventually. There are many reasons to schedule a tree removal session in Cottonwood Heights.

Let dead trees rest in peace

You might have grown up on that big red oak in your backyard. Or you might have spent years making sure that it grows tall and glorious. But when a tree dies, you have to accept that it won’t grow back. You have to get rid of it safely before it becomes a pest haven.

Allow diseased trees to heal

Your trusted arborist might be able to help you treat certain tree diseases. Trees won’t always heal, though. So sometimes, it’s wiser to have them removed. Also, you wouldn’t want one diseased tree to damage other trees, shrubs, and plants in your yard, would you?

Prevent damaged trees from causing injuries

It’s usually better to let nature run its course — but not when we’re talking about damaged trees. The trunk or some limbs might have been compromised because of a storm or other factors. Either way, consider taking down the tree before it injures you or someone else.

Avoid damaging the driveway or your sidewalk

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Large trees enhance the beauty of your property. But if they weren’t planted properly or in the right location, their equally large roots might damage the concrete structures surrounding them. Keep your driveway and the sidewalk safe by removing trees that are just a bit too close.

Keep your house foundations strong and sturdy

Of course, you want your trees to grow strong and verdant. They might do so at the expense of your house foundations. You might not see it, but the roots of the trees might be reaching too close to the foundational structure and compromise it. Structural repairs will cost more.

Improve your natural surroundings

Trees have a naturally calming effect on people. They also clean up the air, so you can breathe better. But sometimes, overgrown branches disrupt the natural beauty of your surroundings. Consider removing unsightly trees that negatively stand out in your yard.

Build a better landscape

Local authorities suggest different styles of landscaping, like water conservation gardening, to add beauty and function to the community. Ironically, the path to sustainability might ask you to sacrifice a tree or two. Think carefully about your landscape design before making changes.

Scheduling tree removal services doesn’t make you a bad person. There are many reasonable factors that could lead to your decision. Just make sure that you have a good cause for cutting down a tree and that it’s legal.

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