How to Safely Use a Bush Hog

The bush hog is a beast in the world of mowers and is a powerful tool for clearing overgrown areas and areas you need to clear or cut down. As a tool, bush hogs offer good maneuverability and control, and they are relatively easy to use. That doesn’t mean, however, that these powerful land-clearing mowers shouldn’t be treated with respect and care, and as the attached video shows, with the proper safety procedures and gear. If you need bush hog rental services for your next clearing job, then there are many good options, but safety is a necessity regardless of what type of bush hog you choose.

Arguably, the most important safety guideline for operating a bush hog is wearing the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). In this case, that means goggles to protect your eyes from debris and flying objects propelled by the bush hog.

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It means wearing gloves when operating the bush hog along with protective footwear such as steel-toe boots. Also, make sure you understand how to safely and properly operate the bush hog. Bush hog rental services reps should be able to help instruct you with any operation questions. Last but not least, take your time and the bush hog should take care of the rest.


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