How Busy Pet Owners Can Still Be Good Dog Owners

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Owning a dog is an incredible privilege. Not all dog lovers can and are willing to take the responsibility of owning a dog. But for those who have made the great decision of adopting one, it can be a surprisingly good adventure.

It is never easy to take care of a dog, let alone do it full-time. You may love your fur baby from the moon and back, but it has its challenges. The busier you get, the harder it is to give your dog the love, care, and attention they need. What can you do to ensure that all their needs are met even with your busy schedule?

Make sure that your dog’s basic needs are met

Every dog needs to be fed, bathed, played with, and taken to the vet regularly. It is not enough that you give your dog a fresh bowl of water and food to go through the day. It is also a must that you take them out for walks, play with them, and groom them. Vet checkups are always recommended to make sure that they are in good health and that they can keep up with the necessary vaccines.

Stick to a daily dog routine

Think dogs don’t need routines? Having a daily routine with your dog is a good way to keep them from worrying and guessing what to do and what will happen next. Even with your busy schedule, it is your responsibility to create a routine for you and your dog. Squeeze in time not only to feed and take your dog to the vet but also to play with them and take them for walks. This way, your dog will feel loved and secure.

Consider a dog-sitter or boarding

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There are times when you need to work longer hours or travel for days, and taking your dog with you is not an option. Make sure that they don’t feel lonely and that their needs are met. You can hire a dog-sitter or ask a loved one to watch your dog for you while you’re away. If you live in Jacksonville, Florida, you can consider reserving a spot for your furry friend at a dog board and train facility. This way, your dog gets to have an all-day play with other dogs or squeeze in some training while you’re gone.

Find them a companion

If taking your dog to work is not possible, then you can still care for them better by hiring a dog walker. They can take your dog out for walks while you are busy working. If you tend to work longer hours, you can opt to find them a companion to keep them company while you are not around. You can either let your dog have play dates with your loved ones’ dogs or adopt another dog to keep them busy throughout the day.

Owning a dog is like caring for a toddler for life. They are not only playful, loyal, and capable of keeping you company. They can also be messy, funny, and dorky and constantly begging for your attention. Once you say that you are up for the challenge, you should be ready to keep up and be a responsible dog owner, no matter how busy your life gets.

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