First-time Pet Ownership: Parenting Strategies for a Happy Pooch


When you become a pet parent, your life will change forever. They can help make you happier, healthier, more social, and more responsible. You will realize the importance of companionship, budgeting, and a routine. But like all great things, pet parenting requires hard work. Make your first-time pet ownership more fun and manageable with these five hacks.

Start with Choosing the Right Pet

You may already have an idea of what kind of pet to take home. Chances are you already went to multiple pet shops and visited numerous local shelters to find the perfect dog. But before you decide, make sure you consider the following.

Do you work long hours at the office? If your company does not allow dogs to come in during your work hours, you will need to find someone to ensure your dog is fed, has company, and can have enough exercise during the hours you are gone. If you work from home and you usually talk to clients, you want to make sure you have a dedicated home office where you can work without your pet distracting you when you’re working.

Are you often a home buddy? You need to get a dog that won’t require hours of stimulation and exercise outdoors or find another animal you can bring home instead. If you live in an apartment, you will want to check if your landlord approves pets, or else you can get in trouble.

Do you have any allergies? If you are allergic to pet fur and dander, then you might want to reconsider getting a pet that has no fur. This is especially true if your allergy is severe.

You also need to consider the type of environment you can provide. Most dogs, especially big and active breeds, require a yard where they can run and play. If you have a small living space, it would be best to get a small pet you can easily handle in your home.

Invest in the Right Pet Services

Different pet services are available for both pet parents. Knowing which ones will best suit your needs will help make pet parenting a little easier on your part. Know your options and weigh in the pros and cons before investing.

For instance, if you are scheduled to pick up your new pet, but something came up that stops you from being there on time, you can hire a pet moving service. Quick research will give you an idea of the usual prices for pet ground transport in your area.

Vet services are every pet’s needs. You want to find a competent vet to help you ensure you get to provide for all of your pet’s veterinary needs. Choose a local vet with a lot of good reviews and ask your other loved ones who already own pets for their recommendations.

Pet training is a good idea if your pooch is yet to be house-trained. Pet obedience training is also a good idea as you can end up with an obedient dog that is friendly and social. Your dog is also at a lower risk to himself and the people and other animals around him.

Another pet service worth considering is pet insurance. You may have enough money to take care of your pet’s emergency medical bills. But with pet insurance, you can choose between pet accident-only plans, pet wellness plans, or an accident or illness plan.

Pet-Proof Your Homedog

You must prepare your home before your pet arrives. If you are getting a dog, you want to make sure that they won’t get access to cabinets containing harmful chemicals. You want to keep your necessary documents somewhere safe and your garbage cans secure.

Keep dangling wires, kid’s toys, trinkets, medications, food, cosmetics, and other trinkets they can choke at out of reach. Check if you have some house and outdoor plants that are harmful to dogs—pet-proof your home as much as possible to improve their safety and your peace of mind.

Keep a Daily Routine

Routines give structure to your pet’s life. With a routine, they know what and when to expect at certain times of the day. This is especially important if your new pet is a dog.

Establish a routine the moment bring home your pooch. When toilet training a dog, they are more likely to hold their poop and pee and avoid messy accidents if they have regular bathroom time. It is also crucial that you feed them at certain times of the day to make sure they get to maintain a healthy weight.

A routine will also make it easier for you to tend to your dog’s needs according to your schedule. You want to set a routine that works well with your lifestyle. This helps reduce your dog’s anxiety and assure them that you do not forget to feed, take them to walks and play with them each day.

Pet parenting can be fun and overwhelming at the same time. It often means saying yes to a huge responsibility similar to parenting a toddler. If you want to keep your pet happy, healthy, safe, stick to a routine, pet-proof the house, invest in the right pet services that match you and your pet’s needs.

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