Farming Machines: A Guide to Avoiding Machine Breakdown


Farm machinery is important, especially for large-scale agriculture. It can do needed tasks more efficiently compared to using manpower. If any machine breaks down, it can cause a lot of problems and delays in a farm’s activities. It can lead to a loss of time and profit.

Identifying the causes of machine breakdown is essential to minimize its chances of happening. Take a look at the various causes of farm machinery breakdown and how to prevent them.

Lack of Maintenance

Everyday maintenance is needed to keep your machine in good order. If you don’t take care of your equipment, you’ll increase its chances of breaking down. Its overall condition will also become weaker over time, leading to more frequent replacements.

To maintain your equipment properly, make sure to lubricate it often — especially before using it. Doing this ensures that it can function more smoothly. It will also minimize rust buildup since the oil provides a protective layer for the metal components of your machine.

While your equipment gets muddy and dirty often, a thorough machine cleaning should be done at least every month. Remove any clumps of dirt and dried mud that you find. Cleaning your equipment also gives you the chance to check for any damages like cracks or leaks.

Inadequate Repairs

In the case of machine breakdown due to broken parts, they should be replaced immediately to restore it as soon as possible. For large equipment like ploughs, spare parts should be kept in storage for quick repairs.

While repairs should be done as soon as possible, avoid being too hasty. Follow the needed procedures properly to prevent accidents during a repair. Make sure to turn off the machine before starting. Check if the brakes are activated to keep it from rolling forward.

To avoid accidental usage, inform the others that the machine is under repairs and keep the keys to it hidden. You can also put up physical barricades to serve as a visual warning.

Improper Storage

Proper storage of machinery is vital during winter. Farm equipment can break down if they’re exposed to the harsh cold. The low temperatures will cause the metal to shrink and crack, while the formed moisture will help rust develop on the equipment.

Make sure to store your equipment properly when not in use. Do one last deep cleaning before putting it away. This is also the chance to do any needed repairs, such as part replacements and paint retouches. Cover it all with a sturdy tarp to shield it from the elements.

Poor Operator Skills

Farming machinery

Unskilled operators are likely to overwork your machines to maximize productivity. While you can achieve optimum performance, it also increases the likelihood of the machine breaking down. Improper handling of tools has a chance of causing accidents. 

Training your employees is essential for proper equipment handling and accident reduction. Have them review the operator manual of the machine they are handling and ask an expert operator to oversee their training. Enforce the rule of wearing PPEs at all times.

Cutting corners is the main reason for machine breakdown. To avoid early equipment replacement, be thorough in your machine maintenance and repairs. Watch over your workers critically. Enforce the rules in proper equipment handling to reduce the chance of accidents.

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