Extraordinary Vertical Gardening Ideas

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Stunning home design with a delicately landscaped backyard is the dream of every homeowner. However, home decoration is no longer limited to the traditional low-lying gardens.

Enthusiasts are always on the look for fresher and newer ideas. While you can walk into taxidermy for the sake of experiencing another dimension of nature, gardening fanatics use such experiences to elevate the aesthetics of their backyard. Now vertical gardening and taxidermy is no longer a strange idea.

It allows you to artfully leverage space with locally available materials, including old furniture, unused teapots, birdhouses, and many more.

Whether you want a simple or a complex design, below are exciting ideas for giving your garden a luxurious look.

Hanging Garden in a Courtyard

A hanging flower garden is a sensational way of adding life to your patio. Frame the courtyard with different shades of spring blossoms planted in wooden boxes and arranged alternatingly. You can change the blooms or rotate them depending on the seasons. Your preference and creativity will say it all.

For a greater aesthetic impact, each box’s height should be staggered during attachment to the patio frame.

This design is suitable for maximizing space in the small yards, and it can also serve as a way of blocking views through the fence.

Airy Garden Backdrop

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The airy garden is built using chicken wire onto which clay pots are hooked. While the previous design does not permit through-vision, you can see things behind the vertical garden.

The chicken wire is attached to support similar to treillage’s architecture. Clay pots fitted with metallic hooks are then attached to the structure. You can paint the pots with varying colors to diversify the looks.

You can plant a wide range of natural decors in these pots, including geraniums, ferns, succulents, kitchen herbs, or ivies. Whether in the patio or along the front doorway, an airy garden grants an excellent practical display.

Ladder Garden

Metal pipes laid lengthwise and closely held by two h2 metallic wires create the ladder-like garden. The pipes should be of varying and complementary colors to enhance visuals.

Succulents or any wandering plants with different shades make the garden a precise representation of nature’s interaction with industrialization. This design is perfect for a minimalist-themed home.

Fairy Miniature Garden

You can now actualize the idea of vertical fairyland gardens using broken pot shards. The shards are staggered and firmly held in place using thoroughly packed soil. This produces a tiered look similar to that of a retailing wall. Succulents are then planted on the tiers.

For completion of the fairy concept, Whimsical cottages and miniature trees are added at different garden points.

Building the garden on a base with wheels makes it more portable. You can move it around the yard to fit the occasion.

The fairy look makes this garden very popular with children, but it will be pleasing to individuals of all ages.

Pallet Gardening

Out of the warehouses to the backyard, pallets provide an affordable option for building vertical gardens. They require minimal modifications that entail adding a base on each row and painting to match the home or garden design.

After the modifications, stand the pallets upright and fix flower pots along each row. Besides colorations, you can plant basils, lettuce, or cherry tomatoes in this garden. Depending on the space you want to accent, you can use these pallet gardens in groups or singly.

Just like technological advancements, creativity in vertical gardening can only be limited by your imaginations. However, the materials and plants used must be selected with an eye for optimal growth.

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