2022 Office Renovation Trends to Consider


Office renovations are always an exciting prospect. It means you get to upgrade your workspace with the latest furniture and technology, redesigning for increased productivity and comfort. However, if you’re planning on renovating within the next few years, there’s one important factor you need to consider–trends that will be taking center stage in 2022 office renovations! Let’s look at what these trends entail:

1. Open and Collaborative Work Spaces

Although offices today accommodate some form of individual workspace for employees, it has become increasingly clear that employees are more effective when they can work together. This is why many offices incorporate open floor plans that allow employees to feel connected with each other and their teams. Promoting collaboration leads to increased productivity and creativity as well, creating a better office dynamic overall.

2. Natural Light and Plants

Office plants have been proven to increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve air quality. So it’s no surprise that many offices have begun incorporating plants into their office design plans. In addition to plants, adding natural light wherever possible can be a great way of promoting health and wellness in the workplace. Not only does natural light decrease employees’ susceptibility to depression, but it also has benefits like increased energy levels.


3. Comfortable Seating

There are few things worse than uncomfortable seating; after all, if you’re not comfortable at your desk or around your workspace, how can you focus? This is why many companies are looking for ways to make their employees more comfortable when they work by investing in ergonomic seating options like adjustable chairs.

4. Accessible Break Room

Break rooms are no longer an area of the office to simply grab a coffee and retreat quickly from; they’re now a place where employees can collaborate with their colleagues, take a break and eat lunch, and even partake in some sort of exercise (for example, grabbing weights and working out during your lunch hour). The break room is becoming one of the most important spaces in the office as companies understand that productivity increases when breaks are taken frequently.

5. Energy-Efficient Upgrade

Sustainability is a very important factor in office renovations. A lot of companies are now looking for energy-efficient upgrade options to decrease their energy costs, which has the dual benefit of being good for both the environment and your wallet! So hire reliable energy-saving services to make your office greener!

6. Office Layout with Privacy in Mind

Privacy is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Allowing employees to have their own individual workspaces can be great for inspiration and productivity, especially when they are allowed to decorate their workspace how they want. One of the benefits of open floor plans is that they allow for easy privacy when necessary, but some companies are beginning to offer both options so that employees can choose what works best for them.

7. Workstation Upgrades

Office equipment is also being upgraded in 2022 office renovations, bringing with it everything from new computers, monitors, printers, phones, etc., so your entire team has access to the most up-to-date technology whenever possible. If you’re looking at getting new office furniture or upgrading your current furniture, now is the time to do it as manufacturers are constantly innovating and offering new options.

8. More Accessible Technology

Technology has made a lot of things more convenient for us, but sometimes it can be a challenge for employees with disabilities. Therefore, many companies are choosing accessible technology options, so their employees have an easier time using various technologies throughout the day. This includes everything from automatic doors and ramps for those with physical disabilities to voice-activated software programs that allow users with visual or motor skill impairments to function at their highest level in the workplace.

9. Onsite Gym

Many companies are now offering an on-site gym, so employees have the ability to work out during lunch, after work, or whatever works best for them. This is a great perk because not only does it promote health and wellness in the workplace but also increase employee satisfaction and retention, which can save you money in the long run.

10. Customized Employee Desks

Employees are no longer satisfied with generic cubicles and desks. Employees want their own personalized spaces where they can decorate and customize, so they feel comfortable and happy throughout the day. Personalized workspaces allow employees to express themselves through space, which is what many companies are now providing for employees because it’s a big part of workplace satisfaction.

There are many other great trends in 2022 office renovations, but these ten have to be at the top of your list! If you’re looking for an effective way to update your office, consider hiring quality renovation services that will give you everything on this list, plus more.

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