Outdoor Home Improvement Ideas for Eco-Conscious Homeowners

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Quarantining gave more homeowners the chance to see their houses in a new light. They found more time to tackle the necessary maintenance and repair projects they have been delaying for months or years already. Others took the chance to improve their living space. This is after they realized that their homes are not really fit for the new normal. They also want to make their home more sustainable as a way of giving back to the environment.

This shows that more homeowners are becoming eco-conscious. They want to reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy the perks of a sustainable home. If this is also your plan, then you can start with these easy outdoor home improvements that are good for the environment.

Consider Advanced Horticultural Services

Many homeowners are clueless about gardening. Others, no matter how they want to grow a garden, simply don’t have a green thumb. When you’re desperate for a beautiful lawn or a thriving garden that will wow your neighbors, why not hire advanced horticultural services?

Horticulture refers to the science of cultivating and managing a garden. This enables you to enjoy a beautiful and functional garden. By hiring the pros to do this for you, you can be sure that you will have a thriving garden everyone would love to have in their homes.

Their service becomes a must-have if you already got trees or a landscape that is now infested with insects killing your plants. Arborists can educate you on how to handle such a problem. They can also handle tree and care and maintenance so you can have healthy plants and trees on your property.

Replace Outdoor Lighting With Solar Lights and LEDs

Lighting your outdoor space promotes better security. It also helps you highlight the best features of your outdoor living space. But then, not all lighting solutions are the same.

Some lighting solutions do more harm than good to the environment. Incandescent lights, for instance, use up as much as 90% of energy in generating heat. These are also a huge source of waste since you will have to replace incandescent more often.

For best results, switch to energy-efficiency light bulbs. LEDs are a go-to solution despite their costs. These last longer, make use of less energy, and can typically last of to 50,000 hours. This gives you more energy savings in the future and can help you lower your energy bill.

You also have the option to use solar lights as part of your exterior lighting. They charge during the day with the help of the sun which means you no longer have to plug them in or use batteries. Your initial investment will be worth it since you no longer have to worry about charging them or replacing them any time soon.

Replace Old Decking With an Eco-friendly One

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We all could use that extra living space outdoors to enjoy more sunlight and fresh air. If your old deck is now begging for a replacement, then consider a greener deck. Use sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, natural wood, pressure-treated lumber, or composite decking materials.

If possible, face your deck to the south of where your hour house is located. This makes the deck comfortable to use even during the hot summer days. This also helps cut down excess heat whenever the weather is warm.

To build a green deck, you can skip digging a big pit to match your whole platform. What you can do instead is to dig singular holes for the vertical columns. This way, you won’t be making as much damage to your soil while reducing your deck’s overall footprint.

Turn to eco-friendly furniture when decorating your deck. You have the option to shop for brand new but eco-friendly pieces of furniture or buy one from a thrift store. Second-hand outdoor furniture can be treated and decorated according to your requirements.

If you have large trees that offer enough shade, you can also incorporate your deck near these areas. This will help give you shady living space. Don’t forget to add some plants and energy-efficient outdoor lighting.

Go for Sustainable Fencing

If you like more privacy and are thinking about installing fences, go for sustainable fencing options such as a wooden fence. These will give your home an aesthetically pleasing look. These are fairly easy to maintain and disposing of your old fences won’t be a buzzkill for the environment.

Make sure you clean your deck at least every two years. Get rid of dirt, moss, mildew, and other debris. Coat the fence with a coating that is water-repellant and UV inhibiting to make it last longer.

Improving your outdoor living space with sustainability in mind is one of the best ways to start caring for the environment. You are giving yourself a healthier and greener outdoors where you can relax and entertain yourself. You also get to help the environment by taking care of plants and trees, using sustainable materials to decorate the space, and giving wildlife a nice area where they can thrive. So, the next time you plan on improving your home, be sure to make it as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.

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